Beef Shares F & Q

1. What does it cost? $5.00/pound hanging weight includes all processing fees and delivery.

The average hanging weight for a half beef is 400 pounds.

The total estimated half share price is $2000.

A $250 deposit is required to purchase the share. The deposit amount will be applied to the final purchase price which is due upon delivery.

The average amount of beef that you will receive to fill your freezer is 225 lbs. That breaks out to be $8.60 a pound. Now you just can't beat that...$8.80 a lb ribeye! 

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2. How much beef do you get back? With half a beef share our average return of pounds per beef in your freezer will be 230-250 lbs of beef depending on how big the calf was at the time of harvest.

3. What benefits do I get when purchasing from Pacheco Beef? 

There are many benefits of purchasing a beef share from us. 

Benefit 1: Convenience - You can have a freezer full of high-quality beef to feed your family for easy meal planning and creation. 

Benefit 2: Customization: Purchasing half a beef allows you to customize your cuts according to your preferences. We work together to fill out a cut card to select the specific cuts and processing options that suit your needs, such as the thickness of steaks, types of roasts, and packaging preferences.

Benefit 2: Cost Savings: Buying in bulk often results in significant cost savings per pound compared to purchasing individual cuts from a grocery store. While the upfront cost may be higher, the overall price per pound tends to be lower when buying larger quantities directly from a rancher.

Benefit 4: Single-Sourced Ground Beef—Your ground beef will be single-sourced. This means it comes from the same animal as your steaks and roasts. 

Benefit 5: Putting a Face to Raised your Beef - You get to know us, the ranchers who raised the beef.