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Half Beef Share

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**Half Beef Share will be available in July**  Secure your half a beef today! 

Fill your freezer with Pacheco Beef to have on hand at any time. The way this works is you will pay a $250 deposit to reserve your half beef. Once the beef is ready we will work together on your cut card to make sure you get all the perfect cuts to fill your freezer. Then once the beef is ready to go I will deliver if you are within an hour of The Beef Shop or we can coordinate a time for you to come pick it up from us here in Alma.  

The Cost - 

$5.00/pound hanging weight includes all processing fees and delivery.

The average hanging weight for a half beef is 400 pounds.

 The total estimated half share price is $2000

A $250 deposit is required to purchase the share. The deposit amount will be applied to the final purchase price which is due upon delivery.

The average amount of beef that you will receive to fill your freezer is 225 lbs. That breaks out to be $8.60 a pound. Now you just can't beat that...$8.80 a lb ribeye! 

Visit our F&Q section on Beef Shares here or email us at wrennpacheco@gmail.com

**All prices and weights for bulk beef are based on carcass hanging weight and include 14-day dry-aging, cut to your specifications, vacuum package, beef patties, and FREE delivery within a 1-hour drive of The Pacheco Beef Shop.